Day 6 Bike Update

With Spring coming soon for many of us in colder climates now is the time to start dreaming of riding in the warmth of a Spring sun. This year promises to be a better year for purchasing a Day 6 bike. But with purchasing a Day 6 bike there is always good news and not so good news.

The good news, Cycle For Fun has stock available this year. We have three Day 6 Dream 24s in stock, two small frame and one large frame. I received these bikes last Fall and they were ordered for customers. But understandably after waiting for one year, three people changed their minds. The one year wait was caused because of my difficulty getting my order across the border in 2021.

For this year the not so good news is, there will be a very tight supply of Day 6 bikes. Day 6 are expecting an order this March, and it is sold out. This order does contain bikes that I have on order and are spoken for.

The next order Day 6 is expecting is late May or June. Bikes are now being ordered from this shipment and like the last few shipments from Day 6 this shipment may all be sold before it arrives. So if you are thinking of a Day 6 bike to ride this summer please contact me and I will see what I can source. And don’t forget, I have three Dream 24s ready to ship! 



Day 6 Cyclone

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