Day 6 Comfort Bike Models Explained


There are several key features that all Day 6 Bicycles have in common. There are also several different Day 6 Comfort Bike models to consider when choosing a bike best suited for you. The first thing to consider is finding the right frame size for you.


Day 6 Bike Frame Sizing


The Day 6 Comfort Bike models are available in three frame sizes, small, large and extra large.


  • Small: Fits People from Approximately 5′ to 5’7 (up to 28″ leg inseam)
  • Large: Fits People from Approximately 5’7 to 6’2 (28″ leg inseam – 32″ leg inseam)
  • Extra Large: Fits People from Approximately 6’2 to 6’9 (32″ leg inseam – 36″ leg inseam)


The main difference between the Day 6 frame sizes is in the seat tube support and the seat tube extension. The length or wheelbase of all the Day 6 models is the same. The Day 6 seat adjusts forward and backwards, the Day 6 backrest adjusts forward and backwards and up and down. The handlebars can be adjusted to lean closer to the rider or further away.


Day 6 Bike Weight capacity


The standard frame of most Day 6 Comfort Bike models is designed to support a rider up to a weight of 250 lbs. The Day 6 Samson has a reinforced frame, stronger bike components and wheels and will safely support a rider up to 400 lbs.


Day 6 Bike and Gearing Options


Day 6 Comfort Bike models have several gearing options from the eight speed Day 6 Dream 8 to the Day 6 Dream 24. Models of Day 6 Bikes include both the tradition chain derailleur shifting systems and internal hub shifting. With the tradition derailleur shifting there is the Day 6 Dream 8 with derailleur shifting on the rear wheel for 8 different gears. The Dream 24 and the Samson 24 also have the 8 gears on the rear wheel and a triple chain wheel on the front for a total of 24 gears. The 24 speed models offer a lower and higher gear ratio, easier to ride up a hill and faster on the flats.


The Day 6 Bike that include an internal hub for gearing is the Day 6 Journey using the Shimano 8 speed Nexus. The advantage of the internal hub gearing is the ability to shift gears with the bike not moving, and the clean look of the bike without the chain derailleurs. The internal hub shifting system does add slightly to the weight of the Day 6 Bike.


Day 6 Brake Options


The Dream 8 has rim brakes. The rim brakes are fitted to the bikes forks and apply brake pads to the wheel rim next to the tire. A rim brake has a release so the wheels are easy to remove. The Dream 24 is fitted with disk brakes. 


The Journey and The Samson have disk brakes. Disk brakes can provide greater braking power and work well in wet conditions. Electric bikes often have disk brakes so if you are considering upgrading to electric the Samson may be considered.


New and different Day 6 Models


New to biking in the last few years is the so called Fat Bike. What makes the Fat bike fat is the width of the tires and wheels. The bike frame also needs to be constructed differently to accommodate the wider tires and wheels. This Wikipedia Fat Bike article explains the advantages of Fat Bikes. At the time of writing this I have no personal experience with Fat bikes.


Day 6 Behemoth,  the Day 6 Fat Bike. I would like to try one of the Day 6 Fat Bikes someday so you may see it added to my stock. In the meantime if you would like one then I can order it for you.


Day 6 Comfort Trike is now available.


Over the years selling the Day 6 comfort bike I have had many inquires for a Day 6 Trike. The Day 6 Comfort Trike, Joy, is now available. The Day 6 Joy has 8 speeds and disk brakes.  This tricycle has 24 inch tires and a low and wide step through with the Day 6 pedal forward design. These features make getting on and off the Trike easy and safe. The Joy also is available in two widths, a 38 inch wide model and a 30 inch model that enables the Day 6 trike to pass through a standard doorway. Here is a link to the Day 6 Joy product page. 

Day 6 Tricycle Red

Day 6 Tricycle Red


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