Winter 2021 Update and Day 6 Revelation E-Bike

I am sure all of you feel the same way I do and are pleased to have the year 2020 behind us! But the 2021 will still provide us with a few challenges. But challenges with selling Day 6 bikes are not new to me, for readers who have purchased a Day 6 bike from me you will understand.

The good news is that I do have Day 6 bikes in stock. The bad news is that these bikes are in a warehouse close to me but on the other side of the U.S. border. Even with the U.S./ Canada border closed to all but essential travel I was successful in importing my stock last Spring and early Summer. With my recent attempt to import in early January I was not able to cross the border. My previous crossings were permitted because importing my stock was essential to my business. There has been a change of the interpretation of this policy which means my Day 6 bicycle stock will remain unavailable for the time being.

Of this shipment several of the bikes are presold, the remaining four bikes I have added to the Day 6 inventory. To prevent someone from placing an order before I am able to ship I have password protected the checkout page.

Day 6 Bikes Added To Inventory

There are two small frame Dream 24s, one red and one blue. There is one large frame red Dream 24 and one small frame turquoise Dream 8. I have also added inventory to the listed accessories.

Looking Ahead For 2021

This Spring Day 6 are expecting their next shipment which will include Samson Bikes. The Journey will not be available until a Summer  shipment and because of a shortage of the Shimano Nexus 8 geared hub. The next shipment of Journeys will be equipped with the Shimano Nexus 7 geared hub.

Day 6 Electric Assist

  • I have yet to import a Day 6 electric assist bicycle. There are two reasons. One, adding the comparative electric components has cost less in Canada than the U.S. Two, I have felt it was in the customers best interest that if they needed electric assist then they have it added from a local bike shop for better support and service. With Day 6 adding a new electric assist bike this Spring this situation may change. The Day 6 Revelation E-bike will have all the comforts of the other Day 6 bikes plus these features,
  • 48volt/500 watt Bafang rear hub motor
  • 14 amp hour lithium ion battery, range of 55 km with no pedaling on the flat
  • 10 speeds
  • 26×2.2 Kenda Kwik Drumlin tires
  • Disk brakes
Small frames will come in Nautical Blue, Red Raspberry, Turquoise, and Yellow.
Larges frames will come in the above colors plus Metallic Black.
XL frames will come in Nautical Blue, Red Raspberry, and Metallic Black.
Expected cost on my site will be about 3500.00 Canadian depending on the US/Canadian exchange.
Please let me know if the Day 6 Revelation E-Bike is of interest to you by using the contact and chat feature in located in the bottom right of my website.
Looking Forward to a new year providing customers with the Day 6 comfort bike,
Bill Wilby


Day 6 Cyclone

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