Day 6 Trike Coming Soon

Over the years selling the Day 6 comfort bike I have received many inquires asking for a Day 6 Trike. Announced by Day 6 last winter and available this Fall, the Day 6 Trike will expand the Day 6 line up. There will be an 8 speed model with disk brakes and a single speed model with rim and coaster brakes. The Day 6 Trike will have 24 inch tires and a low and wide step through with the Day 6 pedal forward design. These features will make getting on and off the Trike easy and safe.

As reported by Kelly at Day 6, the Trike will feature,

1.  Lower seat height
2.  Comfortable seat and backrest
3.  Extended handlebars for relaxed sitting
4.  24×2.6 tires for extra comfort and stability
5.  Two sizes.  Small for 5’2 to 5’11.  Large for 5’10 to 6’5
6.  Two widths.  Standard 30″ width where getting through a standard door is a priority.  38″ width where performance and stability are a priority.  I think this wider width is going to be awesome.
7.  Electric available

For more information regarding availability and pricing please contact me.







Day 6 Cyclone

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