Day 6 Update Spring 2020

As you may know if you have been following Day 6 Bikes over the years, supply has been a ongoing issue. After a year of problems, in the Fall of 2019 Day 6 started receiving stock and the supply going into 2020 looked not too bad. This post is a Day 6 update for Spring 2020.

COVID 19, all of us have felt the effects of this pandemic, and Day 6 was not immune. But there is some good news, there is stock of the Journey in all sizes and colours. There is also stock presently of the small and extra large Dream 24 and Dream 8s. As you may know the Day 6 Journey is a favorite of mine, here is a blog post detailing the new upgrades the Journey has received for 2020.

Day 6 Samson

2019 was not a good year for the Day 6 Samson bike as there was no stock available all year. In 2020 the Day 6 Samson models are expected to arrive in June. The Samson has in the past been my best selling bike so it will be nice to have them back in stock.

Day 6 Trike

I have not received or sold the new Day 6 Trike. The Day 6 Trike is here and receiving great reviews. I am sure the Day 6 Trike like the other Day 6 Bikes will be best in it’s class. I have listed the Day 6 Tricycle here.

If you are interested in ordering a Day 6 Bike or would like more information please contact me.

Link to the Day 6 website. 

Day 6 Cyclone

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