Day 6 Supply update

Day 6 Samson


Day 6 have made several changes in the last few months. The biggest one is moving to a new manufacture of their Day 6 Bikes. Because of this change there is a delay in this Spring models arriving. The word I have from Kelly, the owner of Day 6 is expect  summer for most models and late summer for the new Journey.

This what I know so far, 

  • All models will have a new Sports Seat, this new seat is still 13 inches wide but has more shape to it. This seat will be available for sale as a upgrade to people owning a Day 6 bike
  • All bikes will have black handlebars, stem and seat post
  • All bikes will accommodate Topeak racks
  • Dual density Contour Seat available for bikes as an option, 
  • Journey will now be an 8 speed Nexus internal hub and will come equipped with disk brakes. 
  • There will no longer be a Patriot, Joy or Cyclone model
  • The Samson model will cost less, for Canada this will depend on the currency exchange   



                                         Day 6 New Sport Seat

Day 6 Cyclone

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