Day 6 Bicycle in Canada

Day 6 Bicycle in Canada

The Day 6 Bicycle is a unique bike that is worth considering if you are looking for a more comfortable ride than your traditional bicycle.

What makes the Day 6 Bicycle unique are these features


  • Low step through, the pedal forward design creates a low step through that allows a rider to be seated on the saddle with your feet on the ground.
  • Up right riding position, moving the pedals forward from the saddle enables a comfortable upright riding position.
  • Full back support, is provided by a fully adjustable back rest.
  • Low stress handlebars, sitting in an upright position with back support provides a comfortable handlebar height with less stress on the rider’s wrists.
  • Wide comfort saddle, the pedal forward design allows the use of a wider full support saddle, a more conventional bike saddle can also be used.
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Thank you Bill for all your help in getting my Dream 8 bike to me in Moose Jaw. I did have a very good bike before this one but have not been as diligent to get on it because I noticed over the years it was really bothering my shoulders. My massage therapist told me about the Day 6 bike so I got on the web site and really liked what they were talking about. Bill was able to send me the bike I was interested in and after some fine tuning of the seat and handlebars WOW this is the best bike I could ever of found for this 60+ yr old.


Day 6 Cyclone

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