This map displays the approximate location of Day 6 Bicycle owners. I have displayed towns and neighborhoods not address. This map can be useful if you would like to locate a Day 6 owner close to you.

Contact a Day 6 Owner

I often help people interested in Day 6 bikes connect with Day 6 Bicycle owners, this map will make this task easier to accomplish. If you would like to contact a Day 6 owner close to you then please contact me with the pin number and I may be able to arrange it.

If you are a Day 6 owner and would like to be added to this map please contact me.


Jason with his Samson

Hi Bill, the map is a great idea. I’d be more than happy to show anyone interested in a day6 bike , heck I’d even let them take my Samson for a spin.
Speaking of which I’d like to thank you for carrying such a great product. I absolutely love my Samson and have put almost 300 kms on it since July 1st which for someone who hadn’t ride a bike in probably 30 years or so is saying something about how comfortable and easy to ride a day6 bike is…..Cheers Jason


Day 6 Cyclone

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