Map of Day 6 Bicycle Owners

Yes it is true, there are not many Day 6 owners in Canada, but the number is growing. One of the things that stands in the way of a person ordering a Day 6 bike is the inability of seeing one first hand. The Day 6 is a unique bicycle and traditional bike shops are reluctant to stock them. When I have contacted a Day 6 owner near an interested person they usually are willing to help. Day 6 owners are proud of their Day 6 bike and understand the uniqueness of this bicycle.

Several years ago a builtĀ  this map of my Strida bike customers, I have 590 customers listed on this map, it has been very successful in helping Strida owners all over the world connect.

So I am now introducing my Canadian map of Day 6 bicycle owners, if you are a Day 6 owner and are not on the map and would like to be added please contact me.


Day 6 Cyclone

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