The New Day 6 Journey Comfort Bike

Sandra’s New Day 6 Journey

Sandra is my wife, life and business partner and she loves her original Day 6 Dream 21. She has been riding her Day 6 Dream 21 for the last eight years. The Dream 21 has served her well and has many more kilometers in it’s life, with a little maintenance. But this Spring it was time to upgrade Sandra’s ride to a new Day 6 Journey. 

I also use Sandra’s ride as a sales demo bike so another very good reason to upgrade. There have been many changes in the Day 6 bikes in the last 8 years that are easy to spot in the Journey. But one thing that hasn’t changed with this latest Day 6 model is the step through height, the Dream 21 and the new Journey have the same step through height at approximately  50 cm or 18 inches. 

 I will confess, the Journey has been my favorite Day 6 Bike to sell and the many small improvements have just made it that much better. 


The newest model of the Day 6 Journey has an improved backrest support which now comes in the colour black. The angle of the backrest support is higher providing more room for a rear rack. The seat post is improved with two bolts holding the new sport seat securely in position.  The seat post is now clamped in the frame with a redesigned clamp with two bolts.

The kickstand has also been improved and is attached to the bike frame with two bolts. The new kickstand is easier to install and more stable than the earlier kickstand. Of course what makes the Journey special is the Shimano Nexus internal geared hub. This new hub has 8 gears or speeds. They include a very low gear and a fast gear for cruising and six more gears in between. The gears are shifted with a speed trigger on the handlebars. The Nexus speed trigger shifter is very fast and positive. The gears on an internal gear hub can be shifted without the bike moving. 

More Improvements 

Sandra has always used a leg strap to keep her pant leg from catching the chain, she was pleased to see the new Day 6 has a well designed chain guard. The Journey is equipped with front and rear disk brakes, this is a large improvement over her Dream 21’s brakes. Another improvement not visible is the sealed bearing in the Day 6 headset. More visible is the handlebars that are black and match the seat post and backrest support. The tires are a little wider at 1.95 compared to the older Dream 21’s 1.75 tires and they provide a smooth ride.

I will add fenders and a basket and Sandra’s new Day 6 will be ready for cruising and shopping trips.  

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