May Special Offer

This May there are few Day 6 Bikes available for sale. The reason for this is the company Day 6, have changed who manufactures the Day 6 bike. This has caused a delay in Day 6 receiving new stock and this Spring they have mostly sold through their existing inventory.

Kelly, the owner of Day 6 has offered his dealers free shipping for the month of May to encourage orders before his next shipment arrives. I can pass this saving on to my customers with a 50.00 discount on Dream 8, Dream 24 and Samson small and large frames. And a 100.00 discount on the Samson extra large frame.

There is one catch, the delivery schedule of the new Day 6 bikes is still unknown. What I have been told is late June or July is when Day 6  expect to receive their new inventory, but I know there are many variables in manufacturing, importing and shipping a product from overseas.

And please note there are as of this date, May 22nd,  still some Day 6 bikes in stock.

Bike Deposit

I have created a bike deposit product for customers to place a deposit on a new Day 6 Bike that is not able to ship quickly.

Please contact me for more details regarding this special offer.

Day 6 Cyclone

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