What Makes the Day 6 Comfort Bike Special ?

There are many different bike manufactures to choose from when one is looking for a bike. From my perspective most people in North America when looking for a bike are either looking for a traditional road bike or a mountain bike.  This is reflected in your neighborhood bike shop with their bike selections. More recently there is also the choice of the hybrid bike. The hybrid bike is kind of a cross between a road bike and a mountain bike. And you may even find a comfort bike if you are lucky. But most comfort bikes offered are usually just one of the traditional bikes that have been modified to be a little more comfortable.

Is the Day 6 Comfort Bike Unique?

The Day 6 comfort bike was designed to be a comfortable riding bike, that is also good for your body and safe to ride. Yes from my experience this makes the Day 6 bike unique. The key design feature in the Day 6 bike is the pedal forward design. The pedals are placed forward from the seat in a position that a rider needs to reach forward with one’s legs to pedal. This forward pedal position causes several things to happen. First when you move your legs forward the rider also sits up straighter. When you sit upright then a more natural position for you hands and arms is higher, level with your chest.

Day 6 Backrest and Wide Saddle

With the Day 6 pedal forward design it is possible to use a wider saddle. The Day 6 wide contour full support saddle is possible because the rider is not trying to pedal with the bike pedals directly under the saddle. Often when people see the Day 6 contour saddle they ask, can I buy one for my bike? I then need to explain to them why this would not work on their bike with their pedals located directly below the bike saddle. Similarly the Day 6 backrest is possible because with the pedal forward position, the rider is sitting upright and able to use the back support. With a traditionally designed bike, a back support would not help if the rider is leaning forward. The Day 6 backrest not only provides back support, but by pushing from your back to the forward positioned pedals more power to the pedals can be achieved. I compare it to sitting on the floor, with your back against a wall and the strength in your legs that is possible in that position.

Common Complaints with Traditional Designed Bikes

Oh, my sore bottom, my lower back hurts after a short ride when I am forced to lean forward. My neck hurts when I need to lift my head when leaning forward. My hands go numb and my wrists hurt because of the weight on them when I am  leaning forward. I struggle to get off and on my bike. The saddle is too high for my feet to touch the ground. When people describe what they don’t like about their bikes and why they don’t ride their bikes, this is what I hear them say. The cost of a bike is also often part of this discussion.

My opinion, an expensive bike is a bike that a person buys and never rides because of one of the above problems, no matter how much a person paid for that bike, 50.00 or 5000.00.

What is the best Bike for You?

If you plan on riding as far and fast as you can, possible with the local bike club, buy a road bike. If you want to explore the hills and single track trails, ride through the mud and jump logs, buy a mountain bike. If you want to commute and fold your bike for storage or travel, buy a folding bike, maybe a Strida Folding Bike.

But if you are thinking of a comfortable, safe bike to ride to the store or get some fresh air and exercise then consider a Day 6 comfort bike.

Is The Day 6 Comfort Bike Special?

I think so, and the features that make the Day 6 comfortable can’t be added on, they need to be part of the complete design.


  • Low step through, the pedal forward design creates a low step through that allows a rider to be seated on the saddle with your feet on the ground.
  • Up right riding position, moving the pedals forward from the saddle enables a comfortable upright riding position.
  • Full back support, is provided by a fully adjustable back rest.
  • Low stress handlebars, sitting in an upright position with back support provides a comfortable handlebar height with less stress on the rider’s wrists.
  • Wide comfort saddle, the pedal forward design allows the use of a wider full support saddle, a more conventional bike saddle can also be used.



Day 6 Cyclone

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