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    Cycle for Fun is a web based store selling two unique bicycles, the Day 6 comfort bike and the Strida compact folding bike.



Day 6 Comfort Bicycles

  • Designed for comfort and a safe ride

  • Low step through with a forward pedal design

  • The Day 6 is as fun to ride as it is good for your body


Day 6 Bicycles are designed from the ground up to be comfortable to ride and good for your body. The Day 6 is a comfort bike that has a wide bike saddle, full back support and a pedal forward design. The Day 6 bike is designed in the United States and imported to Canada by Cycle For Fun. Learn More


    Strida Folding Bicycles

    • Fast and easy folding bike

    • Belt Drive for a clean ride

    • Upright riding position for a comfortable ride

    The Strida Folding Bike was first introduced more than 30 years ago. The Strida Bike was designed in the U.K. by Mark Sanders. Mark wanted to design a comfortable folding bike that positioned the rider in an upright and natural riding position. The unique bike triangle shape sets the Strida apart from other folding bikes. Learn More

    Ordering Strida Bikes, Parts and Accessories

    This link will take you to my other website, Strida Canada. All of my Strida folding bike sales are through the Strida Canada website.

    Day 6 Cyclone

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