Day 6 Bicycles

Day 6 Bicycles are designed from the ground up to be comfortable to ride and good for your body. The Day 6 is a comfort bike that has a wide bike saddle, full back support and a pedal forward design. The Day 6 bike is designed in the United States and imported to Canada by Cycle For Fun. Learn Morefolding bike

Strida Folding Bicycles

The Strida Folding Bike was first introduced more than 30 years ago. The Strida Bike was designed in the U.K. by Mark Sanders. Mark wanted to design a comfortable folding bike that positioned the rider in an upright and natural riding position. The unique bike triangle shape sets the Strida apart from other folding bikes. Learn More

Vello Folding Bicycles

The Vello is a newly designed folding bike from Austria. The Vello is designed to be a quick and easy folding bike that will roll when folded. There are several models and options for the Vello Folding Bike including the Vello Plus, a light weight electric folding bike. Learn Morefolding bike

Cycle For Fun

Is a web based store selling bicycles that I think are special. Because of their uniqueness these bicycles are not often found in traditional bike shops. I began Cycle For Fun in 2012 and soon after started selling Day 6 and Strida bikes. In 2013 I became the Strida Canadian distributor and have been selling Strida folding bikes through my web store Since completing my first online sale in 2013 I have shipped more than 900 orders and have more than 500 global customers. Please contact me if you have a question that I can help you with.  Kind Regards, Bill Wilby

Day 6 Cyclone

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